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Interesting Facts

Nationality of Popes

Of the 265 popes (263 to be exact because Pope Benedict IX, during the dreadful medieval fights between popes and anti-popes, was elected three times) 205 were Italians, (of whom 106 were Romans), and 57 foreigners; comprised of 19 Frenchmen, 14 Greeks, 8 Syrians, 6 Germans, 3 Africans, 2 Spaniards, 1 Austrian, 1 Palestinian, 1 Englishman, 1 Dutchman, and 1 Pole.

Names of Popes

The most commonly used name is John (23 times), followed by Gregory (16 times), Benedict (16 times); 43 names were used only once. Only two Popes have taken two names; John Paul I and II.

Ages of Popes

The oldest Pope was Adrian I (772 AD), elected at 80 years of age

The Youngest was Benedict IX (1032 AD) at 12 years of age *

(*Many  now believe that he was likely closer to 20 years old when he assumed the papacy.)

Length of Pontificate

The longest was Pius IX (1846/1878 AD) 32 years

The shortest was Stephen II (752 AD) one day

Other Points of Interest

81 Popes have been canonized

8 have been beatified

There have been 38 antipopes


Source: The Popes , sixth edition, 1999 

Memmo Caporilli


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Adrian I

Oldest Pope Elected




Stephen II

Shortest Papacy - One Day


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