Some people are able to have dozens of pairs of shoes. However, there is a special reason that makes you have difficulty in deciding to wear them is that your feet might not be durable with these shoes. Whether they are sharp high heels, flat base or sharp toe shoes, the problem is: when you wear these shoes, you may destroy your nervous system or have the calluses toes.

 1. Type the worst shoes: flip-flop

It’s really a surprising thing when this type of sandal can win the title of the most awful shoe because it is also one of the most common footwear types. This kind of shoe is wearing everyday by almost people. That’s slipper type is just suitable for walking when you are in your holiday on the beach or go to swimming pool instead of using it for daily walking. They have no outline and straps to support arcs; moreover, it can’t protect the feet, so we’re very vulnerable when carrying them for a long time. Unless you abuse it excessively, you can take advantage of it.

There are many people, however, are using flip-flops in the wrong uses of it: they wear it to go on a train, jump or play sports. This leads to many injuries once you wear this kind of shoe improperly. And what’s that? It was the drag of slippers when moving, ankle strain, the toes are flat to the right of the slippers or ceaseless diseases like tendonitis because of being deficient in support.

Solution: unless you are at the beach, avoid carrying flip-flops, please wearing sandals-type shoes having a thong at the back to at least make sure your feet can’t be out of the shoe.


2.    Sharp heels:

There is a fairly clear truth: your legs will become more and more slating if you continue to wear high heels. So, how can we know which height is good enough for your health? Any shoes that are higher than 2 inches all have problems. There is a type of tender will be cut short when your heel is higher than your feet. Therefore, the time you use it will affect a lot, some of your tendons can be shortened by chronic inflammation.

Your foot is also pressed by your body weight if you continuously use sandals with pointed heel and this can make some parts in your foot suffer from pain and affect your health seriously.

Solution: wear shoes in the moderate-high levels, only wear them when you have to go formal or important occasions, as soon as you got home, let your feet out of them. Besides, you can release pain by wearing pads or gel buffer. You should search for shoes that have comfortable parts for your toes

3.    High heels with sharp toe:

This type of shoe can also cause some hurt like high – heeled shoes -even more serious. You will not only endure symptoms of toe and metatarsal pain and pointed tip, but also nervous problems, which can bring many disadvantages.

The most popular situation always appears in middle toes, however, it also can occur in any of your toes so you must be really careful about it. This will lead to pinched nerves, inflammation which is the cause of many afflictions and convulsion. These problems cannot be treated easily, simply, you must overcome the pain and be treated with injections, or even surgery to remove the neuroma that is injured.

The solutions:  you should have your shoes repaired wider so you can feel more comfortable. Actually, you can never improve a pair of shoes that squeeze your toes in an uncomfortable way. If you have to carry them, such as towering heels, let’s just wear it at formal, special events or when it’s really necessary rather than using it day by day in order to avoid any pains.

In conclusion, choosing the most perfect and suitable with your own taste is very important. Therefore, you should consider carefully before deciding to buy any pair of shoes, avoid buying these foresaid shoes as much as possible because it always affects directly to your health as well as your feeling.

We usually spend daily time for skin care, exercise, meditation, yoga … with the purpose of keeping the body healthy and there are many of us forget to care for our legs which are one of the parts that bear the entire weight of the body all day.

Protect your feet is the way that you are protecting your own health

1.    Give your feet chance to breathe

Every day, you go to work, school, public areas, your feet is always forced into tight, uncomfortable shoes, so if you have any opportunity, you should let your feet breathe!

Take your shoes as well as your socks off when you are home and keep going on barefoot could bring in you some of the following benefits:

First of all: you can exercise the parts which do not land in the soles of the feet, these parts are the key pillar points to balance the whole body, if the balance function in your body is not well-worked, the organs in the body also perform the responsibility unequally, so it will make the reduction in health quality.

In addition: going on barefoot can make 5 toes keep distance during a certain period of time, make it possible to get freedom rather than stick together like the time when you are wearing shoes. Due to the movement of these toes take place harmonically, we can have straight, beautiful and natural walking posture. Therefore, keeping barefoot when you are training is not only help to have a healthy body but also make your stature, posture more stunning, sexy.

2.    Soak the foot in warm water

Soaking the feet is also the same thing as normal foot washing, but there are some features that are alike. When you start soaking your feet, it’s not good to use too much water, the height of water just need to reach your ankle, the water temperature should be in about 40-50 ℃, after soaking for a while, gradually add more water until it reaches over the ankle joint, the water temperature at that time ought to be about 60 ℃, the legs must be simultaneously active, wiggle to make water ambulatory.

Each time dipping your feet should last about 20-30 minutes, in order for the body to feel the heat. In addition, if you can take a turn to use hot and cold water to soak foot, you can achieve the effect of treatment for pain, insomnia, heart attack, rhinitis, bronchitis, leg pain due to injuries etc.

In order to increase the effectiveness of soaking the foot, you can add essential oils or salt into the water.


3.    Apply sunbathing for your feet

In the morning or afternoon is the best time to sunbathe.

You should take off shoes, let two of the foot toward the sunlight within 20-30 minutes, experts said that it is the special measure for bare foot bathing. The magic of this method is to help ultraviolet in direct sun irradiation can shine on the soles of the feet, boost metabolic process in the whole-body, increase blood circulation, improve the work force for the internal organs, help the function of parts in the body become more effective.

This way has an effective result in fighting against diseases such as low blood pressure, anemia, rickets, rhinitis etc.

4.    Foot massage

That some patients who have dermatological disease are due to microorganisms of the disease source cause, for example, acne, inflammation of the hair follicle, pimple, most of the inducement is related to the dysfunction of the body system or the environment in the body is out of balance, such as acne, Dermatitis, Eczema and rash illnesses, etc.

Many investigations demonstrated that if you take advantage of the massage forms for the entire foot as the reflective method, it can use the neuro-body fluids in order to regulate local organs, tissues, automated regulatory cells, make the environment in the body achieve balance so that we can achieve a certain effect of the treatments.

There is a corporeal way to actualize this method is each time you wash your feet, then massage them 1-2 times, each time for about 30-40 minutes.

When you were aware of the allure of the woman, you will also realize that a pair of high heels has incredible power in crowing sexy parts in a lady’s body.

However, many people do not stand the pain, difficulties when they have to move too much with these high heels. In fact, the only reason is because they have not really know tips that are available for wearing high heels yet, which make it became easier whether you use it every day or not.

Perfect fit

Tip, when you decide to buy high-heeled shoes, is trying shoes in the late afternoon. Why is that? You will be able to find that after a long day sitting for work when you come home, your shoes are often too tight to put your feet in, won’t you? The reason is that after many hours of continuous sitting, our feet tend to swell a little bit. Trying shoes in the late afternoon and choosing a suitable pair of shoe is more reasonable than doing it in the morning, because if you buy them that time then it will be quite tight shoes in the evening.

Take priority in wearing shoes with round toe

The high heels with pointed toe will definitely look more fashionable than rounded tip shoes, but if you are real devotees of high heels, buy both types of these shoes. Acuminate tip shoes appropriate to wear in the session that you just have to move a short distance, because it makes your toes bunched close together, wearing for a long time will be very painful. Rounded tip shoes will reduce this considerably.


Select the flat shoes

Today there are many forms of high heels but they do not have spike heels. A lot of kinds of boat base, square base … also have considerable height but you absolutely can still that we can use them all day without worrying about foot pain. What a wonderful invention of fashion!

Use insole

An insole is a great tool that you have ever thought. Many people often reckon that their new high heels are very smooth and can’t make your feet feel sore. But it’s often after a few minutes or a few dozen minutes (even longer) for you to feel the pain when the wearing these shoes. It is ideal to invest more in a pair of insoles which have real softness.

Bring bandages along with you

Please always carry first aid dressing in your bag, especially the days when you are wearing a new pair high heel. The top of the heel is very easy to be scratched and have pain. When that having a new pair of shoes is not very comfortable, bandages will save you from suffering this facility.

As soon as the feeling about the risk from that area appears, please paste a piece of dressing on the skin exposed to the edge of the shoe. If you had severe skin and felt too painful, stop wearing that shoe for some time.

Each part of the body has a connection to others and connection to your health. Thus, if a part has any problem, so does your health. Feet, where are many nerves converging, like any other body parts, affect your health as well.

A swelling forefoot may be a signal of gout. Gout is a disease in which defective metabolism of uric acid rounding up at joint caused by overweight, drug treatment or too much protein in daily diet, but maybe by gene.

When a person is suffered from gout, the first signal is that his big toe becomes swelling, red and painful. Not only the big toe but also others part such as knees or elbows can have this symptom. If you notice having any symptom above, you should meet the doctor as soon as possible.

Taking medicines is not enough, to cure this disease and avoid recurring, you must impale your diet reasonably-less protein and more fiber, together with lose weight and drink more water.

Unreasonably cold feet would be an indication of thyroid moving dysfunction or Raynaud (blood vessels to fingers and toes are sensitive caused by heat, stress, smoking, and drug treatment. When your feet are no longer sensitive, your blood will crowd at toes making them swelling and itchy.

With Raynaud, you just only have to keep away from factors above: heat, stress, smoking and drug treatment. And if you discover that your feet are cold without reasons together with tire, overweight, pain, stress, you should go to the nearest hospital checking. Maybe these symptom leads to thyroid disease.

Foot numbness, loss of sensation or having ulcers that cannot skin over, be careful because it maybe you suffer from diabetes type 2. Diabetes is a metabolic disease in which the body’s inability to produce any or enough insulin causes elevated levels of glucose in blood.


If you are not under treatment timely, the longer you leave your symptom like that, the more difficult and less effective the treatment process will be. In the worst case, you might have your toe cut.

Lung, heart or stomach lacking of oxygen can make your toes or fingers change their natural shape and color. Book a date with doctor immediately because it will do harm to your health.

Don’t be subjective that your toes don’t have hair; it may lead to some blood vessel disease. Once the blood cycle doesn’t work properly, some area far from the body center like toes cannot receive enough amount of blood.

The feet will have unusual color, toenails become thicker, hair on toes disappear and skin becomes thinner. If you recognize some of these phenomena, undoubtedly take a day off and go to the health center.

Toenails are thick and cracks which can lead to psoriasis, a skin disease marked by red, itchy, scaly patches. The reason why we have psoriasis is immune deficiency caused by stress, drug treatment, and gene.

Half of psoriasis patients have troubles with toes, commonly symptoms are dermatitis, and skin has white or red spots. You need to meet the doctor to have suitable treatment.

Joint pain can be due to rheumatoid arthritis. Many little joints in the body such as toes and fingers are the first parts affected by rheumatoid arthritis. They can swell and fluid inside. You should get examined and treated immediately as it will damage the cartilages and joints in a long time, cause restricting movement.

To sum up, just a few symptoms that can be noticed easily can make affect your health. Therefore, taking of your feet carefully if your feet have any signal like above.